Finland, home of fantastic education and amazing entrepreneurs, welcomes you!

Finland, home of fantastic education and amazing entrepreneurs, welcomes you!

And in Finland everybody speaks English, English you can actually understand.

“This year we are celebrating the first 100 years of success and independence of Finland. We want to celebrate this together and what better way to do this than to invite the World to learn together with us” says Peter Vesterbacka, Finnish entrepreneur and former Mighty Eagle of the Angry Birds brand.

Edunation, a Finnish startup, is working on making high quality Finnish education much more easily available to the world. The aim of Edunation is to offer an easy way for students everywhere to access the top-notch universities and the easy-going student life in Finland. Helsinki is uniquely located at the heart of Eurasia, only 7 hours to Beijing, 6 hours to Delhi and with Brussels just around the corner, less than 3 hours away.

– Important changes are being made with an open source mentality and in the spirit of cooperation. It really is our duty in Finland to share our knowledge in higher education with the rest of the world, Edunation’s Co-founder Tuomas Kauppinen adds.

100 Years of success

Finland is not just home of fantastic education, it’s also among the most attractive environments for global startups and entrepreneurs. Helsinki together with neighboring Tallinn form the FinEst Bay Area, the most dynamic start-up ecosystem on the planet. There are already a great number of success stories in the FinEst Bay Area, with a population of less than 7 million, such as Nokia, Slush, Linux, MySQL, Supercell, Angry Birds, Github, and Skype to name just a few. All this is enabled by the fantastic education and the FinEst unstoppable entrepreneurial attitude.

While other countries are closing their borders and building walls, Finland and Estonia are building a tunnel to connect Helsinki and Tallinn, bringing nations and people together. This is expected to create increased economic growth and new opportunities at scale. You can study and work on your startup at the same time, education and entrepreneurship in perfect harmony.

– I got accepted to the United States and Canada, but wanted to study in Finland. The best education system in the world, a safe and clean environment and a great location in the middle of Eurasia, were some of the reasons why I wanted to choose Finland, says Bingying Lyu, a Chinese student at the University of Helsinki.

– The amount of international students is continuously growing and Finland is ideally placed to answer this demand. We just need to have more cooperation and openess, which I believe Edunation will offer, Antti Isoviita, Manager of Global Education from HAMK University of Applied Sciences, comments.

The World’s best education system and by far the safest and cleanest environment

Edunation will help students find Finnish universities to join the high-quality and low-hierarchical teaching, secure campus areas and comprehensive student services. Finnish universities are proud of their innovative and problem-based learning methods that combines academic achievement to interpersonal skills. A wide selection of courses in English and in fact, Finland is one of the best English speaking countries in the world. In Finland everybody speaks English you can actually understand.

– Finnish universities are seeking motivated and talented international students, so we are very excited about Edunation, states The Chief of International Affairs Ari-Pekka Kainu from University of Applied Sciences Satakunta.

Finnish universities are located all around the country, from urban Helsinki all the way up north to Lapland, offering international students possibility to experience the Winter Wonderland and the Nightless Nights during summer. Finland is filled with natural parks and forests, and there is a reason why Finland is called the Land of a Thousand Lakes. World’s cleanest urban air can be inhaled in Muonio city, Lapland (WHO reports).

In Finland, residents are truly taken care of and everyone enjoys equal benefits. All students have an access to the affordable and nutritious student meals, sport facilities and health care. Finland is also the most ideal environment for expats to raise their families and to educate their children, ranking highest in the availability, the costs and the quality of childcare and education (InterNations survey, 2016). In addition, Edunation is negotiating with the government to have family visas for all the students applying to Finland.

Edunation’s co-founders Tuomas Kauppinen and Harri Suominen have mobilized thousands of students for ten years through a company called Asia Exchange, focusing on student exchange to different Asian countries. In Edunation the target is to turn the new Silk Road into a two-way street, enabling student mobility at unprecedented levels and thus the future success of people and nations.

For additional information, please contact:

Tuomas Kauppinen, Director and Co-founder +852 5266 2512
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