Barcelona Messi jersey for a smoother journey than when winds of up to 100km/h

Canberra Ocean Racing Club yacht Namadgi escaped the pack to make a safe exit out of Darling Harbour on the opening day of the Sydney to Hobart on Boxing Day.

Namadgi Chelsea Hazard jersey is making its way down the NSW coast and is expected to reach the Tasmanian capital late on Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, New Year’s Eve.

The eight-strong crew is hoping to get past Tasman Island before predicted gale-force winds Barcelona jerseys from the south-west hit and avoid the rough seas encountered last year.

Twelve months ago, Namadgi battled through terrible conditions to arrive into Hobart one hour before midnight on New Year’s Eve as the final yacht to cross the finish line after numerous others had pulled out.

Namadgi navigator Paul Jones is the most experienced member of the crew, embarking on his 10th Sydney to Hobart.

He was pleased with the start as Namadgi emerged from the chaos of the 117-strong fleet to get away safely and without any damage.

“We did very well in amongst the herd,” Jones said.

“We hit the line well and charged through the group.

“It was fairly close and tight at the start.

“There’s always a chance something can go wrong.

“Everyone is trying to get every advantage you can and you see windows open that you have to grab.”

It’s the 15th time the CORC has entered the Sydney to Hobart and the second for this Namadgi boat.

Jones is one of five crew members who were a part of last year’s event.

He is hoping Barcelona Messi jersey for a smoother journey than when winds of up to 100km/h and six-metre seas ensured a rocky ride down the Eastern seaboard.

“At this stage, we’re looking at arriving in Hobart late on the 30th or early on the 31st depending on the weather,” Jones said.

“There’s going to be a fairly strong Bayern Munich jersey 2015 south-west wind around Tasman Island.

“They are issuing a gale warning and we’d like to be through the window before that.

“Otherwise we will get what we had last year – lots of south-wests, lots of big seas, lots of wind and it’s not a whole lot of fun.”

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